Face Peeling

Peeling cream with microspheres of plant origin

Free of microplastics, the “scrubbing” in DERMASENCE Face Peeling is done by rounded beads of plant origin. They gently remove dead and superfluous horny cells from the skin. Even comedones are gently cleared, leaving an even skin texture. Well-tolerated detergent ingredients thoroughly remove dirt and oil particles. The face peel effectively counteracts oily skin prone to blemishes. 


  • Dead skin flakes are gently removed and blackheads (comedones), which frequently occur in seborrhoeic skin, are dissolved
  • The skin looks fresher
  • Contains small biodegradable beads of plant origin, that do not cause micro-injuries
  • Nourishes with panthenol, avocado oil and vitamin E
  • Skin-friendly scent
  • Free of phenoxyethanol
  • Dermatologically tested