AAP is granted European patent for its innovative resorbable magnesium implant technology.

AAP implants AG

Clavicle Plates 2.7/3.5

Clavicle fractures can be used for all common fracture types

Designed for the femoral plate permit minimally invasive insertion technique

Use for all kinds of wrist injuries

AAP implants AG

Elbow Plates 2.7/3.5

Use for the treatment of fractures of the distal Humerus and the proximal Ulna

AAP implants AG

Osteotomy Plates 4.5

Documents: Surgical_Technique_LOQTEQ_Osteotomy_4.5_E_1912 Patient_Information_Osteotomy_E_1912 IC4500-30_LOQTEQ_Osteotomy_T_2006-1

AAP implants AG

Periprosthetic Plating

for the unique challenges in the treatment of periprosthetic fractures

Use for the treatment of complex fractures of the proximal humerus

Documents: Surgical_Technique_LOQTEQ_ProxTibiaPlates_3.5_E-US_1503 Surgical_Technique_LOQTEQ_PLT_4.5_E-US_1503 ApplicationNotes_LOQTEQ_E-US_1608 Surgical_Technique_LOQTEQ_PMT_3.5_E_1311 Surgical_Technique_LOQTEQ_PLT_3.5_E_1309 Surgical_Technique_LOQTEQ_PLT_4.5_E_1209 IC6936-00_LOQTEQ_ProxTibia_3.5_1609 IC6936-50_LOQTEQ_ProxTibia_3.5_1609