Assessment of a diabetes mellitus rick

Type 2 diabetes is an epidemically growing disease worldwide. The latest estimations assume that approximately every 3rd adult, e.g. in the USA, will be impacted in the next 15 years. Because diabetes fundamentally damages the human body from head to toe, the individual effect of triggering various diseases and suffering is one of the major challenges of this time.

The rapid test displays within 20 minutes if the patient has an elevated intact proinsulin level. The lateral-flow test provides a qualitative result (clear staining of the test line), with a reading device the result can be quantitatively read off the value of the intact proinsulin in pmol/l.

If the result is positive, the patient has to consult his or her physician, who may be able to carry out further diagnostic investigations (e.g. of the vascular status, blood lipids, liver, etc.) and provide therapeutic recommendations for regression of prediabetes. A laboratory analysis now has to determine exact values of the increased intact proinsulin in the blood. Diabetes mellitus can be treated if it is detected at an early stage and diabetes manifestation can be avoided.

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