The synthetic injectable bone augmentation material

Synjectos® is used in all areas of Traumatology and Orthopaedics that deals with bone loss during surgery and/or after trauma. Typical indications are filling of bone cysts, articular depression fractures in spine and long bones or filling of defects after autologous bone harvesting.

Synjectos® is a Bone Cement all in one system, which makes the surgical procedure easier and faster.

Its customers are Orthopaedics & Traumatology surgery clinics who want as little expenditure of time and money as possible.

The Synjectos® has been developed and designed to be used in all bone defects stabilized by an appropriate surgical procedure at the fracture site, e.g. humeral head fractures, distal radius fractures, tibia head impression fractures, calcaneal fractures, filling of benign bone cysts or filling of bony defects after bone harvesting for autologous bone graft and filling of bone cavities of collapsed VB fractures such as wedge fractures (A1.1 and A1.2, A3.1 after additional surgical stabilization) after fracture reduction procedures…

Synjectos® is available in:

10 cc Syringe System: 13g Synjectos Powder 6.5 ml Synjectos Liquid
5cc Syringe System: 7g Synjectos Powder 3.5 ml Synjectos Liquid
3cc Syringe System: 4g Synjectos Powder 1.5 ml Synjectos Liquid

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