AHA Effects plus C

Revitalising fruit acid cream

Intensive anti-ageing care with a combination of fruit acids and vitamin C to refine the complexion. Long-term use stimulates the development of deep layers of the skin, the skin is regenerated and has a rosier effect. The green tea extract improves the compatibility of the fruit acids and at the same time effectively protects against free radicals. Ideal for the preparation of chemical peels.


  • Intensive fruit acid cream for mature skin and combination skin
  • 8% glycolic acid and vitamin C offer an enhanced effect to refine the skin’s appearance
  • Stimulates collagen build-up during long-term use
  • Phytosterols have a smoothing effect and increase skin moisture
  • Natural extracts provide protection against free radicals and premature loss of elasticity
  • Skin-friendly scent
  • Dermatologically tested