Adtop plus 40

Intensive formula for extremely dry skin

It combines the positive properties of Adtop Creme with the hydrating effect of urea (10%) and glycerine. This makes Adtop plus especially suitable for dry and very dry skin. Rough, flaky skin becomes soft and supple without producing a greasy film. Ideally suited for interval therapy of skin prone to neurodermatitis.


  • Care for dry or very dehydrated skin
  • Increases skin moisture through the combination of the natural moisturising factors glycerin and urea (10%)
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and protects against dehydration
  • Lipid-replenishing ingredients smooth the skin and reduce roughness
  • Creates a pleasant breathable, non-greasy protective film which protects the skin from mechanical stress
  • Bisabolol soothes the skin
  • Perfume-free
  • Suitable as basic skin care for neurodermatitis as part of interval treatment
  • Dermatologically tested