Biostimulant factory cooperation project between EUP GROUP and HITECH BIOCULTURE PTE LTD – SINGAPORE

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MOU signing ceremony between EuP Group and Hitech Bioculture PTE LTD – Singapore

EuP organized the MOU signing ceremony this morning about the biostimulant, probiotic and nanotech factory cooperation project with Hitech BioCulture PTE LTD – Singapore.

Mr Hoang Quoc Huy, Chairman of EuP Group, and Drs. Ir. William L Nolten, Regional Asian-Pacific Director of Hitech BioCulture signed the MOU to accelerate the collaboration as witnessed by EuP’s board of directors and staff.

HiTech BioCultutre is a distributor of biostimulants and food supplements for aquaculture, agriculture, and human use in South East Asia. Its office is located in Vinh city, Nghe An, Vietnam.

The products distributed by HiTech BioCulture are patent-protected worldwide and produced in facilities meeting GMP+ standards. Their main product lines focus on the following:

Agriculture: Provide several innovative options to improve and overcome traditional cultivation methods. Using HiTech BioCultutre products, plants can cope with biotic stress factors (diseases, pests) and abiotic stress factors (heat, drought, frost, etc.) without contaminating the soil and environment.

Aquaculture: Their products help the algae/plant population increase, which results in a positive food chain. Also, plankton and water plants’ water quality and growth rates are significantly improved.

Human use: The main human-use product line of Hitech BioCulture is Rexana, a human food supplement. It facilitates the functions of bones, hair, skin, and nails. Therefore, the human body can be more resistant.

“This is a good start for the two companies’ strategic partnership in the future. Together we’ll provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the Vietnamese market and many parts of the world”. Said Drs.William.

“After years of development, we found it essential to invest in products that meet the current demand of the world market. It must be something cost-effective and “going green”. I think now is the right moment, and Hitech BioCulture is the right partner who helps us achieve sustainable goals. If we team up, we can change something”. Said Mr. Hoang Quoc Huy.

In the context of unstable politics and economic crises around the globe, Vietnam has many competitive advantages compared with China and the EU due to the low production and labour costs. However, starting a business in Vietnam was never easy. Therefore, Hitech BioCulture chose EuP Group as a pivotal strategic partner with many bio-product manufacturing plants dispersed in Vietnam. The collaboration of building new plants opens golden opportunities for developing nanotech in Vietnam and other related fields. Utilizing nanotech in agriculture will partly contribute to food hygiene and safety, making it easier to export agricultural products to high-quality demand markets like the EU and US.

The meeting is a good foundation for the further discussion scheduled on 25th Nov. EuP believes that this potential project will significantly contribute to the sustainable development orientation of the two companies and the development of Vietnam’s agriculture.


With 7 factories covering an area of thousands of hectares in 6 provinces: Ha Nam, Yen Bai, Hai Phong, Nghe An, Ho Chi Minh, and Long An in Vietnam and a system of modern production lines, EuP’s annual capacity of approximately reaches 0.6 million tons. Thus, allowing EuP to meet bulk orders from all over the world. EuP is a strategic partner of thousands of factories in more than 85 countries worldwide and the world’s largest filler masterbatch manufacturer.

EuP acknowledges that the harmonization among enterprise, society, and the environment lays the foundation for sustainable development and strives to actualize it through several practical actions.

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