About PLC

PLC Health Solutions Inc. founded in 2012, is a BC based company specialized in the research & development, marketing and regulatory compliance of natural health products. The Company has developed several lines of proprietary natural health products to help consumers maintain and improve health. With a team consists of herbal chemist, QA specialist, formulation expert, Biology scientist, and clinician, PLC also provides a wide range of consulting services, especially to those overseas companies who want to enter North America market.

The following technologies in PLC assure the quality and efficacy of natural health products:

  • High-throughput screening technologies: Most effective ingredients are selected for formulation
  • High performance extraction technologies: At the same cost, our products contain 5~10 times the amount as other products.
  • Special formulation technology: This technology achieves the highest oral bioavailability for ginseng products, therefore, ensuring a high clinical efficacy.

Research and Development

PLC Health Solutions Inc. is not only committed to academic adventures but also translating such findings to general health of consumers by developing high-quality natural health products that will make an important and positive difference in people’s lives.

Natural health products developed by PLC Health Solutions Inc., are designed to meet national standards for pharmaceutical or nutraceutical manufacturing. In both animal and human studies, these products have demonstrated to have efficacious functions to alleviate the symptoms of illness.

PLC Health Solutions Inc. is committed to delivering its products and ingredients to help consumers maintain and improve their health. Also, PLC Health Solutions Inc. offers “private label” manufacturing of natural and pharmaceutical products for major distributors and health professionals.

Leading Technologies

  • Special formulation technology for the highest oral bioavailability
  • High performance extraction technologies
  • High-throughput screening technologies

Comprehensive Collaboration

PLC Health Solutions Inc. has established extensive collaborative relationship with national and international academic institutes and universities.Through these in-depth collaboration, PLC Health Solutions assures its leading status worldwide in herbal medicine, especially in the field of dammarane sapogenins.

Professional service

  • NPN application
  • Site license application
  • OEM manufacturing


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