Sacha Inchi Tea



Sacha Inchi tea is not only delicious, can replace the romantic daily tea but also has many health benefits:

– Sacha Inchi tea provides vitamins, antioxidants, liver cooler, diuretic to help digestion.

– Polyphenols when entering the body will neutralize free radicals, contain high levels of natural antioxidants, helping to prevent the aging process.

– Purify the blood, detoxify the liver, diuretic, milk, help the body absorb all the useful nutrients in tea, help restore health, supplement minerals for users.

– Stabilize blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular diseases

– Control cravings and reduce excess food in the body

– Sacha Inchi tea can be taken before bed, helping to sleep better and deeper

– Especially this type of tea does one thing that few teas can do is providing calcium for the body, helping bones strong, preventing the risk of osteoporosis, fractures, fractures …